Local Works

After 5 years of persistent campaigning CAMRA, as a lead member of the Local Works coalition, achieved a great campaign victory that saw the Sustainable Communities Act became law in October 2007.

The Act provides a channel for local people to drive Central Government assistance and action to improve the economic, social and environmental well being of their area. This means that local people can use the Act to promote community pubs and the availability of local beers.

The Act will enable CAMRA to pursue measures including:

* Increasing the number of pubs eligible for rate relief
* Ensuring full planning permission is require for convert a pub to another use

* Outlawing the use of restrictive covenants that prevent a closed pub being reopened
* Allocating funding to initiatives to promote local beers

ACTION – Please help make this Act a success

The Act’s process starts on 14th October 2008 when the Government will invite local authorities to ‘opt in’ to the Act. Please write to your councillors urging them to do this (a sample letter is below that will make this quick and easy for you). Only if councils ‘opt in’ to the Act will communities then be able to use it. Note councils have till July 2009 to do this but the sooner they do so the better, so please write now!

For more information please visit the Local Works website – www.localworks.org


Click Here to Download a Sample Letter