Shoreham Social 9 June 2022

Our trip was planned a couple of months ago with the aim of visiting all three pubs in Shoreham to show our faces and test the beer quality. Don kindly drew up an itinery with some proposed train times. These were published on our regular newsletter. Firstly there was a fire at the Kings Arms and the pub is now closed and awaiting repairs. The Crown now closes all day Thursday so we couldn’t visit that one so it left the recently renamed Samuel Palmer as the only pub to visit. A kind member in Sevenoaks suggested we catch an earlier train from Tonbridge as the change over time for the Shoreham train could be tight.

On the evening Don and me arrived at Tonbridge station to find that the train we were intending to catch was running late so we had to take the next available one and hope we could make the connection. Luckily this was on time and the connection made. On the Shoreham train we met up with three other members who had caught an earlier train from Tunbridge Wells.

On arrival at Shoreham we were joined by another member who was in a different carriage. We then proceeded out of the station down the hill towards the village. At the Golf Club entrance we wondered if they might have a bar open that we could investigate. One of our members went to enquire but they were closed due to very few golfers remaining on the couse. At this point we were joined by our Chairman who had travelled down to Shoreham from London.

The Samuel Palmer pub was at the station end of the village.

Inside we found some low beams around the bar area and a selection of four real ales.

There was Larkins Traditional and Larkins Best Bitter. Three Acre Mosaic Pale and Wantsum Jubilee. All four beers were tasted and proclaimed to be in excellent condition. The only comment was that they were all £5 a pint or more.

Whilst we were in the pub two more members joined us making a very creditable total of nine. One had caught a later train and the other had been for a walk up to the Crown to confirm it was closed. The evening was somewhat overcast but it was still warm enough to sit outside in the paved courtyard.

A good evening was enjoyed by all. Some of us left to catch the 9.45 train back to Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells whilst others remained to catch later trains.

On arrival ar Tonbridge, Don and myself visited the Nelson Arms to do some more quality control.