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West Kent CAMRA is now  part of the LocAle scheme. We are looking for Pubs or Clubs where the Licensee is interested in joining the scheme. For each one that we accredit we will appoint a LocAle Liaison Officer, hopefully recruited from the area that the Pub or Club is in. Grove Tavern TW

What is LocAle
CAMRA LocAle is about increasing the sale of local real ales in local Pub or Clubs. The benefits of a successful CAMRA LocAle scheme are:

  • Improved consumer choice due to more locally brewed real ales being available in Pub or Clubs
  • Local brewers selling more real ale allowing them to expand, benefiting the local economy and real ale choice
  • Fewer “beer miles” resulting in less road congestion and pollution
  • An increase in tourism as successful local brewers give the area greater distinctiveness and therefore tourist appeal
  • Thriving Pub or Clubs due to the wider availability of local real ales in Pub or Clubs boosting the number of Pub or Club visits
  • An increase in local identity and pride

In short CAMRA LocAle is about consumer choice, local jobs, supporting a sustainable environment, creating local distinctiveness and promoting local Pub or Clubs.
The CAMRA LocAle scheme was created in 2007 by CAMRA’s Nottingham branch who wanted to support their remaining local brewers following the demise of local brewer Hardys and Hansons.

LocAle Governance

The CAMRA LocAle Rules

Before displaying any CAMRA LocAle publicity material an Pub or Club must be awarded accreditation by the West Kent CAMRA. Accreditation is at the sole discretion of the West Kent CAMRA branch and subject to the licensee agreeing to the following:

  • That they will endeavor to ensure at least one locally brewed real ale, as defined by the local CAMRA branch, is on sale at all times.
  • Only real ale, as defined by CAMRA, can be promoted as a CAMRA LocAle.
  • Where the standard of real ale sold falls below an acceptable quality accreditation will be withdrawn.
  • That accreditation can be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the local CAMRA branch.
  • That should accreditation be withdrawn, or should the licensee withdraw from the scheme, all Publicity material must be removed from the Pub or Club and the licensee must cease using the CAMRA LocAle logo.

West Kent CAMRA LocAle Rules

  • The definition of Local for the purposes of this scheme is 30 miles from the Brewery to the Pub or Club by the shortest route.
  • The Pub or Clubs selected must consistently score 3 or more on the NBSS scheme to maintain accreditation.
  • Every LocAle accredited Pub or Club will have a West Kent CAMRA member appointed to:

1.  Assist the Licensee in obtaining suitable LocAle beers.
2.  Ensure that the Pub or Club has sufficient supplies of promotional material.
3.  Submit to the NBSS beer scores for the Pub or Club at least every 2 months.
4.  Maintain the LocAle breweries list, updating when new Breweries open.

West Kent LocAle qualifying Breweries
Some of the Breweries listed here do not cover the whole of West Kent branch area within our definition of local. Some of our participating pubs and clubs will not be able to use LocAle material on all the listed Breweries.  Every Pub or Club will have its own list of LocAle Breweries.

1066 (Whites) Brewery TN40 2RZ www.white-brewing.co.uk  
1648 Brewery BN8 6QB www.1648brewing.co.uk  
Darkstar RH17 5AH www.darkstarbrewing.co.uk  
Dorking Brewery RH4 1HF www.dorkingbrewery.com  
Fullers W4 2QB www.fullers.co.uk  
Goachers ME15 6TA www.goachers.com  
Harveys BN7 2AH www.harveys.org.uk  
Hepworths RH12 2NW www.hepworthbrewery.co.uk  
Hopdaemon ME9 0NA www.hopdaemon.com  
Larkins TN8 7BB Larkins Twitter    
Meantime SE7 8RX www.meantimebrewing.com  
Millis DA4 9LB No website  
Nelson ME4 4TE www.nelsonbrewingcompany.co.uk  
Old Dairy TN17 4JD http://www.olddairybrewery.com/  
Pilgrim Brewery RH2 9BL www.pilgrim.co.uk Unlikely to supply Kent
Rother Valley TN31 6QT No website  
Royal Tunbrdge Wells (has stopped brewing) TN2 3EF www.royaltunbridgewellsbrewing.co.uk/  
Sambrook’s Brewery SW11 3QG www.sambrooksbrewery.co.uk  
Shepherd Neame ME13 7AX www.shepherd-neame.co.uk  
Swan ME18 5JW www.swan-on-the-green.co.uk Rarely supplies other pubs
Tonbridge Brewery TN11 0NW http://www.tonbridgebrewery.co.uk  
W J King RH13 5UE www.kingfamilybrewers.co.uk  
Welton’s RH13 5PX www.weltonsbeer.com  
Westerham TN8 6SA www.westerhambrewery.co.uk  
Whitstable ME17 2AY www.whitstablebrewery.info  

Titsey Brewing Co.                                                    CR6 9QH      www.titseybrewingco.com

LocAle Liaison Officers
We are looking for LocAle Liaison Officers to support their local pubs/clubs in following the LocAle guidelines. As an Officer you will be asked  to do the following things:

  • Hold a list of the Breweries that the Pub or Club you are supporting can include and use the LocAle publicity material on.
  • Ensure that the Pub has a supply of LocAle publicity.
  • Record the pub’s beer quality scores on the NBSS

A LocAle Liaison Officer need not be a committee member so the only commitments are to supporting their Pub or Club and it offers a good way of getting you onto the ladder of CAMRA campaigning.  If you are a West Kent CAMRA member and would like to find out more please contact campaigns@camrawestkent.org.uk or ring 01892-683445

Licensees information

If you are interested in joining the LocAle scheme please look at the main CAMRA site here for detailed information.
After that please contact the Branch on campaigns@camrawestkent.org.uk or ring 01892-683445.

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