Beer Scoring and WhatPub

National Beer Scoring System (NBSS)
The national beer scoring system is used to record CAMRA members views on the beer quality.  There is a structured scoring system which is:
CAMRA members will be asked to examine the look, smell, and taste of each beer before offering their evaluation. The scores are:

0 = Undrinkable: No cask ale or the quality is so poor you can’t finish it.
1 = Poor: Barely drinkable
2 = Average: Competently kept but uninspiring.
3 = Good: Good beer in good form. Worth another pint.
4 = Very Good: Excellent beer in excellent condition, another pint is a must.
5 = Perfect: Very rarely given by the seasoned drinker. Probably the best beer you are likely to find.

The website for entering your scores is here

How are the scores used?
In West Kent we will automatically include any pub with 7 or more qualifying entries and an average score higher than 3 in the Good Beer Guide nomination list this does not guarantee selection.  A good NBSS score from a significant number of entries will be given a high weighting. Please see our Good Beer Guide nomination and selection pages.
As part of the LocAle scheme for a pub to retain its accreditation it needs to score an average of 3 or more.

West Kent CAMRA Guidelines
When calculating average scores for a pub the following rules will be applied:
Only 1 entry per day per member per pub.
A maximum of 6 entries per pub per member per period.

How do I log on?
The site asks you for your username and password. This is your membership number and the password you use to access the members area of the main CAMRA website.

I do not have access/use the internet
As of the 31st March 2009 the card based system has been discontinued and the only way of entering scores is online. The cards themselves are still available here
There are a couple of methods of getting your scores on to the system:

  • Use a public internet café or library
  • Ask another member to enter your scores on your behalf
  • The system specifically allows for this, it requires the member entering the data to log on and then enter your membership number so the scores are attributed to you.
  • Pass completed cards to the Branch Secretary.